Why yoga is good for you?
Yoga is a set of mental, physical and spiritual practices that makes your mind more conscious, your body more fit and increases your inner confidence respectively. If you are thinking about being healthy and fit, start yoga today!
If you need more reasons to join yoga class, here are the top advantages of doing yoga:
• Cheerful mind and create well-being
Yoga does therapy of mind and promote inner comfortability of many individuals. The practice of yoga consists of mental focus.
The unity of body movements, thinking and feeling helps to learn to control our reactions.
• Fit body
People who do yoga daily tend to be very fit. Also, people following the path of it could easily reduce chronic pain and make
you feel better.
• Increase muscle flexibility
Even fitness enthusiasts and professionals add Yoga to their daily warm-up and cool-down. It helps them to make their muscle
flexible and improve their day to day performances.
• Decrease anxiety
One who does yoga daily tends to find sense of peace that could help treat or decrease anxiety.
• Boosts energy
It is known that yoga boosts energy. Whatever you practice during yoga session would increase energy; thus, an energetic
person could perform any task effectively.
• Improves your body postures
Nowadays, people are highly involved in their job, they have to bear workloads daily. These people have time constraint to hit
gym stations. However, they could easily manage around 10 minutes from busy schedule and perform yoga pose which help them
improve their body postures. The beauty of yoga is you do can decide the time according to your convenience.
• Boosts metabolism
Metabolism transforms food to energy and transforms food to building blocks to store set of nutrients. And with yoga you can
boost your metabolism.
• Sound sleep, healthy and happy life
According to many yoga gurus, incorporating yoga into your day-to-day routine could help to sleep better and make your next day
very productive.
Yoga, a thousand-year-old discipline is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice. Therefore, yoga is a great activity for your mind and body. It helps you build strength, flexibility and stay positive throughout the day. Every year, SIPRADI joins the worldwide initiative of promoting Yoga thorough international yoga day. This year’s program was the 3rd edition of Yoga day celebration by SIPRADI and was expanded to 16 major branches of SIPRADI, expanding its horizon from Birtamod in the East to Mahendranagar in the west and up to Jomsom. Post the yoga sessions, the attendees also participated in the locality cleaning program.