National Earthquake Safety Day is marked to raise awareness among people and authorities on impending earthquake risk and on ways to mitigating the risks. On this day, SIPRADI provide trainings to its staffs and students regarding earthquake safety measures.

Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha took responsibility for the reconstruction of  permanent school structures with provision of furniture, basic teaching aids as well as gender friendly toilets. Our sanstha not only focus on education but also took responsibility to reconstruct a primary health post.

SSS took responsibility for Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Schools and Health Post. From this, students will have access to improved education facilities, have access to better primary health care facilities and differently able students will have easy access to clean toilet and also there will be provision of gender friendly toilet.


300 Staffs and 200 students were trained and made aware about fire and earthquake safety, staffs also gained first aid training.




Took responsibility for Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of 7 Schools and 1 Health Post




2600 Students got access to improved education facilities and 2500  people to better primary health care facilities.