Adding value to the participants of Global Service camp, which is an annual event for service.

Key Achievements

• 1852 customers benefited from the free health check-up
• 1623 Customers benefited with a Free Eye Checkup
• 1058 Customer including 53 Women Drivers Benefited with Free Career Counseling
• 1711 Customers benefited with Free HIV/AIDS Awareness
• 150 Numbers of Children participated at the competition, and best were awarded with School Kits
• 2378 Customers benefited with Free Safety Awareness Training
• 2278 Drivers benefited with Technical Awareness and Road Safety Training, Fuel Saving and Economic Driving Tips

1852 Customers
(Free Health Check-up)

1623 Customers
(Free Eye Check-up)

1058 Customers
(Free Career Counseling)

53 Women Drivers
(Free Career Counseling)

1711 Customers
(Free HIV/AIDS Awareness)

150 Children

2378 Customers
(Free Safety Awareness Training)

2278 Drivers