How Sipradian Sahayata was Founded

Sipradian Sahayata is a social, non-profit organization formed under the initiative of employees of Sipradi Companies. Sipradi, a major in AUTOMOTIVE and ALLIED, is one of the largest and most prestigious brand names in Nepal. Since its inception in the early 80’s it has been growing rapidly in Automotive, Energy, Lubricant, Financial Services, and Equipments business. It has more than 700 enthusiastic employees working for a common goal i.e. to deliver quality products and services while adding synergy to the growth of overall brand value.

Sipradi has always envisioned larger societal purpose and has been proactively contributing its resources for value creation for the society. As a corporate citizen, Sipradi has a long history of collaboration with communities and government institutions to enhance the life of people all over the country. The social development and environment
conservation initiatives have been part of Sipradi’s organizational culture.

Moving forward with the same culture and inspiration from the company, the self-motivated and dynamic employees of Sipradi, popularly known as ‘Sipradians’, at their own initiative founded this non-profit social organization with the strong desire to serve the community.

After, a unfortunate and highly destructive 6.8 magnitude quake on September 18, 2011 that caused huge human andproperty loss all over the nation, the employees of Sipradi showed serious concern regarding the safety, preventive
measures and after quake response. After undergoing the earthquake and safety trainings themselves later, the generous employees felt the strong need of such awareness campaigns and trainings to be provided to the Nepalese communities to minimize the negative impacts of such disasters and help the victims of such disaster through collective means.

The noble concept of setting up a non-profit social organization was initiated thus, which quickly received overwhelming support from the employees across Sipradi Companies. This led into the birth of ‘Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha’ in 2012.

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