Natural disasters are common in Nepal. Our country is geologically young and still evolving. Therefore each year, with change in seasons we are prone to landslides, floods, cyclonic winds, hailstorms, drought and famine. We have already acknowledged the serious threat of Earthquake which is common and frequent in our country.

Apart from it, we have been witnessing numbers of urban and rural fires incidences every year. We have been facing huge loss of life and property annually due to these hazards and the innocent victims of are compelled to live under critical situations, even devoid of basic requirements for livelihood.

At the time of dire need, we attempt to restore ‘Hope for normal life’ among the victims. We determine the most urgent needs and solicit the funding to send the aid in the indigent locations. We offer emergency relief package and support day to day life by delivering food, clothes, medicines, financial assistance, utensils and other humanitarian aids; we meet critical needs and give people a chance to rebuild their lives. Because we deliver such relief packages through our established and trusted network of locally based members/providers around the country, the impact of the contributions of supporters are multiplied many, many times over.

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