Awareness Campaigns

Environmental and climate change is expected to lead to increased frequency and severity of natural hazards.

The focus on post disaster response is not adequate in dealing with disaster. We aim to focus on both pre-hazard and post-hazard situations. We believe that preparedness has to be strengthened to minimize the impact of hazards in tandem with the response to the victims of those perils to end innocent sufferings and prevent future crises. The proper dissemination of knowledge, information and awareness at the community level is the foremost requirement for coping with disasters. The magnitude of such catastrophe can be reduced by combined efforts of government, communities and people.

Acknowledging this fact, Sipradian Sahayata conducts various programs to enhance prevention, preparedness andmitigation of disasters in coordination with different government and non-government organizations.

We organize and conduct programs to create awareness and provide precautionary and safety trainings to combat the unavoidable natural calamities. Some of our recent programs include the following:

i) Earthquake Awareness Campaign
ii) Earthquake Preparedness and Safety Drills
iii) Fire Fighting Training and Drill