“Sipradian Sahayata, which was established with the vision of social development and transformation has already initiated exemplary projects on educational development and reliefs during natural disasters. With prime focus on education, the underprivileged and deserving students are benefiting in terms of their education and daily lives. In future, we are sure that they will establish themselves as capable and responsible citizens and will play crucial role in the socio- economic national development. Since the time of establishment, every Sipradian has been enthusiastically participating as a strong team and this has improved our unity and togetherness. The inner satisfaction and happiness that we get from the selfless help can’t be replaced by any other things in this world. I will always thrive for such happiness and I, personally as well Sipradi Companies will always fully support for such noble activities.”
– Shambhu Prasad Dahal (Director, Sipradi Companies)

“The scholarship project that Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha has carried out will add a new dimension in the history of our school. It will bring a revolution in quality education. The organization’s investment for the students will return with a good result. The project will create a feeling of competition among the students which will help to develop the quality education to non-scholarship students too and to get this kind of opportunity is a good sign for tomorrow’s productivity.”
– Lachan Chaurasia (Principal, Shree Radhakrishna H. Sec. School)

“I have put hard effort for the construction of physical infrastructure and to spread awareness of education since the time of school’s establishment. This school (Shree Radhakrishna H. Sec. School) is a pride of this village and S.L.C. result speaks itself about the quality of this school. Top of that, we are indebted to this organization by honoring us and interestingly we are only the school to be selected from Parsa district.” – Sudama Tiwari (Social Worker)

“The good side of the organization is that it is working and focusing in the rural areas and to be felicitated by this project has really honored us. The work is appreciable. It will uplift the quality education of the students, belonging to backward society. We will leave no stone unturned to shower on the seeds that this organization has planted. This project will be helpful for the publicity of our school’s quality education.”
Krishna Subedi (Principal, Shree Nepal Rastriya Higher Sec. School)

“The presence of this organization with an intension for no longer time to spare for distribution of relief package after the incident took place is praiseworthy and we are obliged to this organization.”
– Nokhelal Yadav (Ex- Secretary of Rigaul, Siraha)

“The organization has shown a great curiosity for social-welfare by bringing relief package. To be involved in this holy work it has given us an immense pleasure.” – Ganesh Rai (Asst. Sub Inspector, Siraha)

“In this panic moment, we perceived a nominal compensation from “District Administration Office” as the village has suffered from enormous loss. But a newly established NGO, which is not a well-established organization in the field of social-welfare, has done a tremendous job which has come with an attractive relief package and has brought smiles on the face of victims. We are indebted to this organization and wish for prosperous and glorious service for years and years ahead.” – Jageshwor Roy (Social Worker, Chattual , Sarlahi)

“You have come all the way from Birgunj to this remote village for distribution of relief package to the fire victims with a feeling of social-service, it is really commendable. They (victims) were in great pain and seeking help from local administration but this organization “Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha” has dressed on their wounds.”
Dhan Bahadur Khadka ( Asst. Sub-Inspector, Sarlahi)