Welcome to Sipradian Sahayata

Sipradian Sahayata is a non-profit, non government social organization in existence since 2012 with a vision of spreading awareness, precaution and conducting safety trainings on earthquake, epidemics, disasters and other natural calamities as well as helping and supporting those affected to recover their health, education and socio-economic conditions. The organization aims to assist in the field of..

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Our Projects

We are taking an integrated and holistic approach to our humanitarian efforts, so our projects encompass number of focus areas. Currently, we are involved in number of projects as listed below.

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Sipradi believes in giving back to the society! The best part is we have started with giving back to our employees! As a part of the Earthquake relief operations, Sipradi has been providing aid to employees who have been badly affected by the Earthquake. Team Sipradi has been visiting their homes and providing aid on site.

Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha has provided full scholarship to 10 needy and deserving students of Shree Bishnu Devi Siksha Sandan, Satungal ,Kathmandu. Students are studying from Class 4 to Class 10. Earlier, Sipradians has also provided financial contribution to school for toilet construction. Read more »


“The inner satisfaction and happiness that we get from the selfless help can't be replaced by any other things in this world. I will always thrive for such happiness and I ... read more >>

In Pictures

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