Old Age Home Support

Geing is a natural phenomenon and an inevitable process. Every living being after birth, undergoes developments, grows old and dies. In Nepal, those at the age 60 and above have been demarcated as elderly population. People in this group are vulnerable in physiological, psychological, economical, social and familial terms.

With the society getting more complex and ‘modern’ by the day many old peoples, shunned by their children and families, are compelled to live in the shelter homes sharing their contented and gloomy moments with each other.Though these elderly people long for love from their family members, these institutions are putting their best efforts to compensate for that familial love and ensure comfort and provide them with love and affection.

Sipradian Sahayata, with great homage, aims to provide humanitarian assistance to those helpless senior citizens and help them live dignified lives. For that, we collaborate with and assist those old age homes that are continuously operating for the better lives of senior citizens.