Sipradian Sahayata has been running on the base of its membership fee as well as volunteering. We shall be most delighted to welcome any additional donations in order to serve better and enhance the services we have been providing to the community.

Any interested individuals, donor agencies or organizations can go ahead in making such donations and visit us too. The funding will be basically used in general operating costs, working projects, community support etc. Your little contribution will surely going to support and encourage us in achieving our goal and bringing out people from all over to work hand-in-hand in helping out these peoples who are in absolute need.

No matter the size, each donation makes a huge impact. You can mail your checks to any of these addresses below, preferably with contact details:

Mr. Krishna Prasad Baraula        Mr. Pravakar Munankarmi

President                                Vice President II

Sipradian  Sahayata Sanstha     Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha

Bahuwari, Birgunj                     Naikap, Kathmandu

You can deposit your donation amount in our a/c no:

C/A 009 0389498 0017

Himalayan Bank Limited, Birgunj.

Participate in our fund raising events.