Sipradian Scholarship

We believe that the low literacy rate is the major force behind our nation lagging. Due to the economic disparity in Nepalese society, many deserving children are deprived from pursuing education.

Sipradian Sahayata is committed to the education of underprivileged and orphan children of Nepal. We have initiated providing scholarships to the needy, honest and deserving students for their school education by developing networking with individuals and organizations. We help children in getting admitted to school and their scholarship covers tuition and school fees, books and stationery, two sets of school and play clothes, two sets of shoes and a bag. It provides forTiffin/snack and basic medical support.

Adult Education

The widespread illiteracy among the adults in Nepal has been deemed one major obstacle in the process of poverty alleviation and overall development. In order to do our bid in addressing this serious problem, we have envisioned of program which focuses on that strata of the population who, due to different circumstances, cannot attend school as the ‘regular’ students.

The prime objectives of this program are to support, extend and improve adult education. We attempt to coordinate and collaborate with other organizations to build capacity and provide study materials to increase the number of participation in such education program.