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Aid to School for Infrastructure Development

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Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha has decided to provide donation of Rs. 80 thousand to Shree Bishnudevi Siksha Sadan Secondary School for the new toilet construction. The school is located at the Satungal, Kathmandu.  On Chaitra 29, 2069, Ms. Sharda Rana handed over the cheque of Rs. 40 thousands to the Principal of the school, Mr. Basanta Raj Khatri. The remaining amount will be provided to the school after initiation of the construction work.

The school which was established on B.S. 2012, was facing the problem as the current toilets were not sufficient and poorly constructed. Mr. Basanta Raj Khatri appreciated the support and assured the completion of the construction of Toilet very soon. Mr. Khatri even appealed for more support as school is also undergoing the construction of new building.

Scholarship Distribution at Jhapa

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Amidst the formal program, eleven students of Shree Amar H.S.School of Baigundhara – 06, Jhapa were awarded with Sipradian Scholarships on April 02, 2013. Seven of them were awarded with Full Scholarships whereas four were awarded with Partial Scholarship. Sipradian Scholarships includes admission fees, tuition fees, 2 pairs of school uniforms, shoes, books and all the stationaries required. The Chief Guest of the Program Ms. Sharda Rana and Coordinator of the program Mr. Tika  Ram Basnet  distributed the scholarships to the students who were selected on the basis of academic performance and economic status of the family. The program was also attended by Joint Secretary of Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha, Ms. Pratistha Thapa, Coordinator of Itahari, Balaram Joshi, school administration, teachers, members of School Management Committee,  teachers, students and large numbers of local community.

Aid for School at Chitwan

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On Chaitra 9, 2069, Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha provided the monthly financial aid of Rs.7 thousand to Shree Siddheswor Primary School, Gitanagar, Chitwan.

On the program, the President of the Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha handed over the cheque and stationaries to the President of the school management committee. The aid has benefited the 65 students studying in the school and smooth operation of the school. The school was established after the rigorous effort by the local social worker and has been running by the support from the parents, so the aid from Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha has added the further support to the school management.

The program was attended by local social workers, parents, teachers, students and members of school management committee. In the span of one year of establishment Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha has provided scholarship to more than 150 students of 20 different districts. Also, the programs like financial aid to educational institutions, skill based trainings are also being conducted apart from scholarships program. The organization has also been supporting the education and nurture of 26 Chepang Children of Siddhi V.D.C, Chitwan.

Pamphlets Contribution to District Traffic Office

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Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha has been actively participating and cooperating with different local institutions, communities as well as government authorities for the various social causes. Recently, it has cooperated with District Traffic Police, Parsa for spreading awareness about the Traffic rules. Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha has contributed 70,000 pieces of Traffic Awareness Pamphlets for the special event of Traffic Police, “Traffic Week” on falgun 11, 2069. The pamphlets were handed over to Traffic Inspector, Mr. Bigyan Basnet by members of Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha, Mr. Rose Basnet,Mr. Sawan SJB Rana, Mr. Sandeep Gupta and Mr. Udit Pakhrin.

Dishware Distributed to Chepang Children

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On Magh 27,2069 , Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha carried out the help program to the Chepang Children who are studying in the Bindeswori Ni. Ma. Vi., Pithuwa V.D.C. – 8, Madhavpur. The handover of  the utensil worth Rs. 2 Lakh 60 Thousand was done on the program. The support was done by Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha, J.K. Parts, Narayangadh, Prakash Tiwari and Gopal Bhattarai. Mr. Rose Basnet, Vice-President and Mr. Chetnath Paudel, Coordinator of Chitwan of the Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha hand over the cheque worth R.s. 46 thousand and utensils to the Principal of the school Mr. Bhim Prasad Khanal. Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha has also been supporting the Chepang Children on monthly basis.

Aid to the School for Deaf

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On Magh 18, 2069 the member of Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha and Coordinator of the program Mr. Dhruba Regmee handed over the cheque of Rs. 30 thousands to the Susta Shrawan  Tatha Bahira Shrot Kaksha. The school is located at Manebhanjyang, Sankhwasabha. The check was jointly received by the Principal of the School, Ganesh Prasada Nirauala and teacher of the school Mr. Hom Kumar Dhungana. For upcoming one year, Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha will be providing monthly donation of Rs. 15 thousand. Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha has already been providing full scholarships to the 20 students of 3 different school of Sankhuwasabha.

Aid to Sanskrit School at Jhapa

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Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha organised a Yog Training and Scholarship Distribution program at Krishna Dwaipayan Gurukul Ved Vidhyashram in Bhadrapur, Jhapa. During the programme, a cheque of Rs. 36,000 was handed over to school for scholarships. Sanstha will be aiding 12,000 per month as Scholarship for the 12 selected students of the school. The cheque was handed over by the President of Sanstha, Mr. Krishna Prasad Bartaula. On the program, 20 dozen copies and 20 school bags were provided to the President of Executive Committee of School Mr. Divya Prasad Bhattarai. The program was attended by teachers, parents of students, representatives of Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha and students.

Solar Equipments Aid to School for Blind at Dharan

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Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha has donated Solar system having capacity of 1.11 KW to the specific school “Purwanchal Gyanchachhu School” for blind and children with poor eye sight. Equipments of worth Rs. 4 lakhs and 58 thousand were provided to the School, which is located at Dharan ward no. 15. On January 19, 2013, the President of Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha Mr. Krishna Prasad Bartaula handed over 20 pcs. Batteries of 75 ampier, 6 pcs. Solar Panels and Invertors of 185 Watt and 3KVA to the School amidst on the formal program organised in the school premises. On this occasion, special type of 40 pcs. Slates and Pencils used by blind students for writing purpose were handed over to Principal of School Ms. Kesari Thapa.

The students were not being able to utilise computers due to current load shedding. After installation of the Solar system, students will be using computers for their regular studies. Principal of School Ms. Thapa said,” This has really eased the study and learning of the students. Despite of power cut, no student has to miss their regular computer classes now onwards. We are really thankful to Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha and entire team for this significant support.”  On the program, blind and students with poor eyesight presented their talents which included singing, playing musical instruments, charicature, poem reading etc. The representatives of Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha were awestruck with such incomparable/hidden talents of the students. They were convinced that these students will be equally competent, if they get similar opportunity in future.

Scholarship Distribution at Pokhara

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Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha has conducted the scholarship distribution program at Aasha Foundation, Pokhara. Patrons of Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha Mr. Shambhu Prasad Dahal, Mr. Rajan Babu Shrestha, Mr. Rajesh Prasad Giri awarded full scholarship to 14 students of studenst of Aasha Foundation. The students will be directly benefitted by the support. The program was attended by the Coordinator of the Pokhara, Mr. Jain Babu Dangol and local communities.

Yog and Scholarship Program at Okhaldhunga

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The villagers of Tarkebari-06, Okhaldhunga were overwhelmed on the day of January 08, 2013.  They were heading towards to the local school Shree Jalpa Secondary School for the very first experience of  Yog and students were highly excited for the program of that day.

The Yog and Scholarship program started with the huge participation for the Yog program on early morning. The program was followed by the Inauguration of Computer Lab by chief guest of the program and patron of this sanstha Mr. Shambhu Prasad Dahal. The senior citizens and social worker who have contributed on the development of village were felicitated on the program. Ten students were awarded with scholarship by  Mr. Samden Tshering Lama, Mr. Bhim Prasad Paudel and Mr. Dhruba  Regmee on behalf of Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha. The cheque of Rs.40,000 was handovered to Principal of the School Mr. Bishal Kumar Paudel for the Water Tank Construction and salary to Computer Teacher for the first 3months which will be continued on upcoming months as well. The school was not being able to run the computer classes despite of having few computers on school due to lack of financial support for the salary of computer teacher. The sports materials were provided to school by Mr. Hariom Ghimire and Mr. Bhim Prasad Paudel.

The program was chaired by Hom Bahadur Bista, the President of School Management Committee. As guest Mr. Samden Tshering Lama, Mr. Bhim Prasad Paudel, Mr. Hariom Ghimire, Mr. Dhruba Regmi, Mr. Shiva Shankar Dhakal and Mr. Rajendra Kutu attended the program. Students were presented few songs and dances as part of greetings to the guests. Principal of school appreciated for the support and requested for the continuation of similar support on the future, since the school have lot more projects and requirements for its betterment. The local leaders and chairperson of the program thanked the Sipradians for their support and visiting the place from such far distance.

Scholarship Distribution at Dhading

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Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha organized scholarship distribution program in Shree Bhanubhakta Secondary School, Dhading on December 29 2012. As a part of the education development program, Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha has provided full scholarship to 10 students and partial scholarship to 5 students. The students were selected by a panel of interviewers from Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha on the basis of their need and academic merit. The organization is determined towards upliftment of children in need and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The scholarship awardees are:

SN Students Name Class Scholarship
1 Shovana Bhujel 3 Full
2 Sabitri Bhujel 6 Full
3 Krishna Prasad Adhikari 4 Full
4 Manil Bhujel 5 Full
5 Anuska Subedi 6 Full
6 Chandra Maya Chepang 7 Full
7 Durga Aryal 8 Full
8 Gita Adhikari 8 Full
9 Rabin Bhujel 9 Full
10 Rabin Subedi 10 Full
11 Rupa Bhujel 4 Partial
12 Ravi Praja 4 Partial
13 Laxmi Adhikari 5 Partial
14 Ranjita Dulal 5 Partial
15 Rita Pariyar 6 Partial

The program was chaired by President of School Management Committee Mr. Arjun Bhujel. As chief guest Mr. Shambhu Prasad Dahal, special guest Mr. Mahadevan Shiv Kumar, Principal of school Mr. Ranjan Kumar Subedi, other Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha members, Teachers, Guardians and students were present in the program.

Mr. Rajesh Prasad Giri, Mr. Mahevan Shiv Kumar and Ms. Sharda Rana handed over the school fees, school bag, copies, instrument box and other educational materials on of behalf of the Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha. Speaking in the program Principal of the school Mr. Ranjan Kumar Subedi thanked the Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha for extending such help to needy students. Patron of the Sanstha Mr. Shambhu Prasad Dahal expressed his hearty gratitude to all the Sipradians and Promoters of the Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd. who has been supporting our projects. Whereas students who were awarded with scholarships stated that they would move forward and become good citizens in future if they get similar supports. Till date Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha has provided full scholarships to 104 students of different schools.

This program is a Sipradian initiative for the betterment of the society.

Yoga Session and Scholarship Program at Sankhuwasabha

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On December 07, 2012, Patron of Sipradian Sahayata Honorable sir, Mr. Shambhu Prasad Dahal  conducted the Yoga session in which 60 students and teachers participated enthusiastically at the premises of Mahendra H.S. School, Manebhanjyang. Yoga session was followed by Scholarship program. In the program 7 needy Students of Mahendra H. S. School were awarded with full scholarship.

On the same day at Jalapa Secondary School, Chewa, Scholarship program was conducted where Sipradian Sahayata provided full Scholarship to 7 Students.Mr. Shambhu Prasad Dahal sir was the Chief Guest of the program. There was presence 300 Students, teachers and School Board members.

On December 08, 2012 at Thale Danda Patron of Sipradian Sahayata honorable Shambhu Prasad Dahal conducted Yoga Session to the enthusiastic 100 trainees. To add the excitement it was performed at the altitude of 5000 feet and was a severe cold day too. Scholarship program was conducted at Saraswati Primary School, Thale Danda.  6 Students were honored with full scholarship on the program.

Employment and Skill Based Training on Sewing and Cutting

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Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha launched six months Sewing and Cutting Training Program at Birgunj Sub-Metropolitancity ward number 17, Bahuwari. The inauguration was done by Mr. Krishna Prasad Bartaula, President, Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha  by distributing necessary equipments for the training. Representatives of Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha Mr. Rose Basnet, Mr. Sawan SJB Rana, Mr. Gopal Prasad Acharya, Mr. Sandeep Gupta and program coordinator Mr. Abulais Ansari were also present on the occassion. The program was chaired by social worker Mr. Abdul Kalam Ansari. Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha will provide all the financial support as well as equipments required during the training period. The training program is specially targeted to women from Muslim Community to empower them. 14 Muslim women has enthusiastically participated in the training program. After the successful completion of the training, each trainee will be awarded with sewing machine so that they would be self employed on their own. The objective of the program is self empowerment of the trainees and development of skilled manpower in the area.

Support to Orphans at Banke

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On December 15, 2012 Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha distributed educational materials and 100kg rice to Bal Herchaha Kendra located at Rajhhena, Shantinagar, Banke. Bal Herchaha Kendra  is an orphanage where 12 orphan children  from different districts such as Humla, Dailekh, Surkhet, Salyan etc. are residing and being nurtured by retired Indian Army Mr Yam Bahadur Gharti Magar and his wife Sita Gharti Magar since B.S. 2060 on their own home. Both Gharti Magars has been taking care of orphans on their own expense but due to limited income source they are facing difficulties as the children are growing along with the increase in expenditure. Till date none INGOs or NGOs have taken interest to support them. The entire expenditure is covered by income of Gharti Magar, occassional support by family, friends, relatives and from the revenue by raising four pigs.

During visit Bal Herchaha Kendra, members of Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha were speechless. They conveyed deep respect for Gharti Magar’s pure social work and saluted for his noble deeds. Sipradian Sahayata Santha will be extending support to Bal Herchaha Kendra from upcoming months by contributing Rs.7000 on monthly basis for the education and nurture.

Bed Handover to Chepang Children

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Amidst the formal program, for 26 chepang children Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha has donated the 15 iron beds and bed sheets to School Management Committe. Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha has been contributing Rs. 45,000/- per month for those chepang children for their education, nurture and other needs. The attendees in the program included Mr. Ram Bahdaur Lama, President of School Management Committe, Mr. Bhim Prasad Khanal, Principal, Mr. Krishna Prasad Bartaula, President of Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha and other members along with social worker.

Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha has aimed to support those 26 chepang students up to their high school education. Currently, the students are studying in Shree Bindheyswori Lower Secondary School, Pithuwa Chitwan. Apart from monthly contribution other stationaries, utensils are also being provided by Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha through the management of School.

Water Tank Handover to School

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Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha carried out the water tank handover program  to School Management Committee on Chitwan, Padampur V.D.C. 1, Kamalpur. Water tank which was built with the financial support from Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha  on the premises of Nimna Madhyamik School. Program was conducted on the presence of President of School Managment Committee, Principal of the School, President of Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha, members of Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha and students. The students was facing serious problem of clean drinking water as there was no water storage in school.

The construction of this water tank has solved the problem of drinking water and this will fulfill the need of water for upcoming 10 to 15 years. School Management Committee felicitated the members of Sipradians Sahayata Sanstha and insisted to carry the similar nature of social welfare programs.

Scholarship at Jyoti Sec. School, Morang

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The Itahari Coordination Committee of Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha organized Scholarship Awarding program at Jyoti Secondary School on the occasion of Parents Day of school on October 15, 2012.The school is situated in the Sundarpur V.D.C. -5 of Morang District. At the program, 10 students were awarded with the Full Scholarship whereas 6 students were awarded with Partial Scholarship. Under Full Scholarship total fees of one whole session, coaching, two pairs of uniforms and shoes, educational materials were distributed to students Sanij Limbu, Menraj Bik, Asmita Rai, Dinesh Chaudhary, Hastakumari Magar, Rajan Phuyal, Kopila Dangi, Sakuntala Shrestha, Shyam Gurung and Gopal Shrivdev. As Chief Guest Former District Education Officer of Morang Mr. Ramesh Dahal, President of School Management Committe Mr. Puran Kumar Rai, Secretary of Sipradian Sahayata Mr. Sawan SJB Rana, Member of Central Committee of Sipradian Sahayata Mr. Balram Joshi, Members Subash Kumar Das and Bishnu Narayan Kafle and many other social service workers and distinguished peoples were present in the program. Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha has provided Full Scholarships to 45 students in various Schools of different districts.

Help to Chepang Children

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Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha has contributed donation of NRs. 37,500/-for the Chepang Hostel located in Chitwan, Pithuwa for the education and nurture of 26 Chepang children. The locale Mr. Kepi Kiran Sharma had been taking care of those Chepang Children’s food and education by begging. Due to the poor economic condition and  distance the children were being taught in local public school, Bindhyeswori Ma. Vi. As per our commitment of contributing the amount on monthly basis, the first cheque was handovered to the President of Hostel and Police Officer by patron of our organisation Mr. Shambhu Prasad Dahal. The decision to extend the help was made after the team from Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha went to visit the hostel where they were staying.

The President of organisation Mr. Krishna Prasad Bartaula said, “From the time of establishment, we have been supporting the education for those who have been deprived due to being in rural area.  We felt the similar problem here, so we decided to help chepang children too.” He further stated that the of total amount of donation, 35 thousand will be provided to Hostel whereas 2 thousand 5 hundred will be provided to Ms. JamunaChepang who have been taking care of children.

In the program, organisation even conducted Yoga session to the children. “We have established the Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha for helping the needy children like these” the CEO of Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd. and Founder Member of Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha said. “So, we will be taking care of these children in the long run as well”, he added. The organization has expected improvement in daily as well as educational condition of those children. There are around 600 members in Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha.

The Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha is being operated from the membership fee and by collecting donation from its members. Till now the organisation has offered scholarships to around 50 students in Bara, Parsa and makwanpur. The organisation has promised to provide the higher level education as well as employment opportunities to those Chepang children in future.

Sipradian Sahayata Celebrates Jadi-Buti Divas

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On August 04, 2012 Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha celebrated the birth anniversary of the Acharya Balakrishna with great zeal as Jadi-Buti Divas (herb and medicinal plants day) after the regular Yoga practise. On the occasion, the honorable patrons of Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha Mr. Shambhu Prasad Dahal, Mr. Rajan Babu Shrestha, Mr. Rajesh Prasad Giri as well as the esteemed guest from Patanjali Yog Peeth, Nepal and numbers of members of the Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha planted various species of herbs and medicinal plants on the premises of Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd.

Scholarship Award & Yoga Training

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In an formal event, 13 deserving and needy students of Shree Mahendra Jyoti Higher Secondary School, Handikhola, Makwanpur were awarded with Sipradian Scholarships. The Honorable CEO of Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd. and President of Sipradian Sahayata jointly awarded the students. The scholarship covers all the admission fees, tuition fees, extra coaching fees, exam fees, books and other stationaries, two pairs of school uniforms, one pair of casual dress etc. Also, the students, teachers and locals were given Yoga Training in which various asanas & breathing techniques were taught on the session. The overwhelmed teachers, students and guardians showed their gratification and presented gift as token of thanks to us.

World Environment Day 2012

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On the special occasion of World Environment Day, we at Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha organized “Tree Plantation and River Cleaning Program” at Naikap on June 05, 2012 (Tuesday) [Time: 2: 30pm]. World Environment Day aims to spread awareness on the need to preserve and enhance our environment. The program was supported by Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd. The theme for this year was Green Economy : Does It Include You? The UN Environment Programme defines the Green Economy as one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. In its simplest expression, a green economy can be thought of as one which is low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive.

Sipradian Scholarship Phase – I

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One of study revealed that two thirds of the Nepali students who enroll in primary education do not continue into lower secondary and one quarter of those who do enter Grade 6, drop out after Grade 7 and major reason for drop out was found to be Poverty.

With the mission of spreading the light of education in society, Sipradian Sahayata Sanstha has been providing scholarship to the needy and deserving students who come from less privileged families. In this first phase of operation, Sipradian Sahayat Sanstha has selected the four government schools of Bara, Makwanpur and Parsa districts.

Twenty-six students, studying in grade five to grade ten, have been selected for the scholarship for this 2069 education session. The selection has been made on the basis of their attendance register, previous score sheets, families economic condition and interview conducted by our Sipradian Sahayata Committee members. The scholarship covers all the expenses incurred for admission fees, monthly fees, exam fees, school uniforms, two pairs of extra out dress, books, and other stationeries. Of the 26, 4 children will be under our special program ‘Project Dharmaputra’, along with the educational support, they will provided with all other basic necessities as well.

Housekeeping at Aama Ghar

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On April 28, 2012 at Rabi Bhawan’s Aama Ko Ghar which was founded by Ms. Dil Shova Shrestha with benevolence to provide shelter to senior citizens and orphan kids, was met with an active social support from Sipradian Sahayata Members as we distributed toiletries and stationeries along with Tiffin boxes for the kids. The whole team of Sipradian Sahayata also took up the day to clean the premises and the rooms.

This organization, established by employees of Sipradi Companies, has been carrying out various activities and program time and again, acknowledging their pledge towards being a responsible stakeholder of society at large. Many other programs are still in line in the near future and the team promises to bring even more programs and concerted effort in addressing other social concerns of the society.

Relief Package to Fire Victims of Banke

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With an aim to provide relief to the victims of recent blazing fire at Banke District’s Kalaphant VDC Ward no. 5 Rataya, which faced a devastation of 98 houses, Sipradian Sahayata Santha, provided 30 kilograms of rice and clothes to each family on 28th April 2012.
With the help of local administration’s partaking, Sipradian Sahayata Members were able to grant numerous aid and assistance to help victimsbreathe a sigh of comfort and safety from their current ordeal.This organization, established by employees of Sipradi Companies, has been carrying out various activities and program time and again,acknowledging their pledge towards being a responsible stakeholder of society at large.Many other programs are still in line in the near future and the team promises to bring even more programs and concerted effort in addressing other social concerns of the society.

Aama Ko Ghar Care – I

. .

On April 10, 2012 we contributed small amount of support to Aama Ko Ghar at Rabi Bhawan. We were glad to meet the kind hearted person, Dil Shova Shrestha. Establishing Aama Ko Ghar in 1998, she has been solely running the Old Age Home where 27 senior citizens & 48 children are residing currently. We spent quality time with senior citizens & children. We really had heart touching experience and are planning to revisit the place with further programs.

Relief Package to Fire Victims of Lahan

. .

lahan-fire-relief-2At Nahara Riggaul-3, we distributed the Emergency Relief Package which included the 50kg rice and Rs 500 to each family who were affected by the fire and lost their houses and belongings.

Relief Package for Fire Victims at Siraha

. .

Sipradian Sahayata, a Sipradian Initiative carried out donation program in the Chattual VDC of Sarlahi district to reach out to victims of fire that destroyed properties worth millions on Feb 25. The organization provided 50 kgs rice and Rs 500 per family to 26 families. Under this program, 1300 kgs rice along with Rs 13,000 was distributed.
Fire from a kitchen in one of the local’s house cause the destruction in the village.Due to strong wind 26 houses were gutted in fire in no time. The only fire brigade vehicle of Malangawa, Sarlahi failed to provide help as it laid there dysfunctional. The fire was brought under control with the help of local residents and Gadruwa Area Police personnel.

The support program was conducted amidst the presence of Gadruwa Area Police personnel and local leaders of the area. The residents and locals praised the selfless effort of Sipradian Sahayata members to come all the way to a rural village to extend help and support. Likewise, they have expressed their request to other organizations to provide them with relief materials as everything has been destroyed by fire.


“The inner satisfaction and happiness that we get from the selfless help can't be replaced by any other things in this world. I will always thrive for such happiness and I ... read more >>

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