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The organization aims to assist in the field of education by providing scholarships to the deserving needy children as well as promote adult education in remote villages of NepalThe organization is....

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What We Do

Sipradian Sahayata is in nascent stage and is emerging to become one of the full-fledged non profit social organization.We are taking an integrated and holistic approach to our humanitarian efforts

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Our Team

By participating in our various fundraising events you will be contributing to bring hope, compassion and encouragement to the needy and deprived community, children, Adults.

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We organize a variety of events to help people learn about and get involved with Sipradian Sahayata.


Awareness Campaign

The focus on post disaster response is not adequate in dealing with disaster. We aim to focus on both pre-hazard and post-hazard situations. We believe that preparedness has to be strengthened to minimize the impact of hazards in tandem with the response to the victims of those perils to end innocent sufferings and prevent future crises.

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